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Ifeoma Anunkor


Ifeoma Anunkor is the director of EXPECT, an initiative for young professionals and college students, which hosts issue forums for information, discussion and social engagement. She researches and writes on pro-life policies and culture. Ifeoma holds a J.D. from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College.

Ms. Anunkor currently practices law with a specialty in Family Law & Policy.

She now resides in New York City.

Jessica Shanahan

Rochester, NY

Jessica Shanahan graduated with a dual major at St. Joseph University, a Master’s in Higher Education from American University, and a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Jessica has dedicated her life as a community activist and volunteer, serving on numerous non-profit Committees and Boards.  Her commitment to women and consistent life issues is revealed through her involvement as a founding Board Member of Feminist Choosing Life of America, Women’s Care Center Board member, Feminists For Life of NY Board President, and volunteer at Focus Pregnancy Center and Embracing Options. 

As public policy advocate, Mrs. Shanahan serves on the Bishop’s Public Policy Committee and has been instrumental in defeating Governor Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Act in NY - twice.

Jessica resides in Brighton, NY with her husband and 4 sons. 

Kelly Vincent -Brunacini

Rochester, NY

Kelly Brunacini is a board member of FCLNY and has 10 years experience educating legislators and advocating for pro-woman, pro-life legislation in NYS. She has worked in support of issues such as Unborn Victims of Violence legislation, equal pay laws and strong anti-sex trafficking laws. Kelly has worked against taxpayer funding for human egg donations and most recently, abortion expansion and removal of the physician mandate for the procedure. She is a founding board member of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum and former executive director of Feminists for Nonviolent Choices. Kelly lives in Rochester with her husband and children. 

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Peaceful Solutions is a non-profit pro-life, pro-peace organization  based out of Rochester, New York dedicated to helping other local organizations find their voice. Peaceful Solutions is dedicated to raising awareness in the community and beyond.  Throughout 2017, Peaceful Solutions will be collaborating with several organizations that align with our pro-peace values and sponsoring thirteen billboards - each with an important message.

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